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Lessons Learned About Stakeholder Management

The current post contains a few valuable lessons learned about stakeholder management I came across during my 15 years working as a project and program manager. The palette of particular situations concerning stakeholder management is huge: deciding when and how to share setbacks concerning the project; how to make an effective executive presentation; how to […]

Company and Marketing Strategy Application

Capella University published the current paper about a company and marketing strategy application in 2019. As stated in other postings, marketing, and corporate strategy are industry independent (they may have some industry flavors, though). The current author picked a hair salon as a target for a company and marketing strategy implementation, .and successfully built the […]

Strategic Planning Application

The current posting includes a practical strategic planning application, targeting Progressive Corporation (NYSE: PGR). Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland (2016) described the strategic planning and management as a process containing a few steps: 1. Developing a strategic vision 2. Setting objectives 3. Crafting a strategy (strategic plan) 4. Executing the chosen strategy 5. Monitoring developments, […]

Lessons Learned About Milestone Documentation

The current posting contains lessons learned about milestone documentation coming from my experience of working on large programs. I keep a list of internal milestones leading to the release of a deliverable, reported on a weekly basis, not necessarily baselined with the program (only the final delivery baselined), but valued by the customer in the […]

Innovation Culture and Competencies in Aerospace Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM Innovation culture and competencies in Aerospace was the topic of a paper published by Capella University in late 2018, and the analysis is still current. The rate of business environment changes is unparalleled in the current time. In this regard, the studies concerning business uncertainty and solutions to fight […]

Blue Ocean Strategy in Banking Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM   Introduction The current paper presents a study case of implementing a blue ocean strategy in banking industry, highlighting the following theories: Blue ocean strategy. Blue ocean execution Red ocean traps As well, the paper presents a study case on the blue ocean strategy implemented by a Fortune 500 […]

Project Resource Allocation Issues

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM Project resource allocation issues are the topic of the current posting, having as source PMBOK[1]. Resource allocation, loading, and leveling is a thorny problem in the life of a project or program manager, impacting many aspects of the project or program (schedule, cost, quality, customer satisfaction, potentially even the […]

Disruptive Innovation in UAV Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM A practical application proposal of disruptive innovation in the UAV industry is presented in the current posting. A leading innovation strategy with a massive impact on business profitability and prospects is disruptive innovation. Christensen, Raynor, and McDonald (2015) described the tenets of the disruptive innovation theory as follows: Companies […]

Innovation Strategy for Automotive Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM An innovation strategy in the automotive industry is the topic of the study. Capella University internally published this paper in 2019. Generating innovation inside a company is a way to reduce uncertainty in operation during business environment turbulences (Teece & Leih, 2016). Implementing innovative approaches inside the organization requires […]