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These are short blogs, focused on analyzing a pressing issue.

Working with Suppliers on Projects

The current posting presents a combination of corporate strategy and project management concerning working with suppliers on projects. The showcase encompasses research experience in corporate strategy and over 15 years of project and program management experience. The corporate strategy theory states that a company and its suppliers form an ecosystem, very similar to a natural […]

PESTEL Analysis for the Grocery Market

The current posting shows a PESTEL analysis for the grocery market, applied to Amazon, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN). As I stated in a different posting, the science behind writing a successful strategic plan is not industry-specific but may have industry flavors. PESTEL is one of the processes leading to the development or adjustment of a strategic […]

Strategic Planning Application

The current posting includes a practical strategic planning application, targeting Progressive Corporation (NYSE: PGR). Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland (2016) described the strategic planning and management as a process containing a few steps: 1. Developing a strategic vision 2. Setting objectives 3. Crafting a strategy (strategic plan) 4. Executing the chosen strategy 5. Monitoring developments, […]

Blue Ocean Strategy in Banking Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM   Introduction The current paper presents a study case of implementing a blue ocean strategy in banking industry, highlighting the following theories: Blue ocean strategy. Blue ocean execution Red ocean traps As well, the paper presents a study case on the blue ocean strategy implemented by a Fortune 500 […]

Disruptive Innovation in UAV Industry

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM A practical application proposal of disruptive innovation in the UAV industry is presented in the current posting. A leading innovation strategy with a massive impact on business profitability and prospects is disruptive innovation. Christensen, Raynor, and McDonald (2015) described the tenets of the disruptive innovation theory as follows: Companies […]

Strategic Approaches for Executives of SMEs

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA , PMP, DTM Strategic approaches for executives of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) are the topic of the posting. Executives leading subsidiaries of large corporations could use the current information as well. My professional experience with SMEs, in general, shows that executives could use more information associated with the concept of […]

An Analysis of The Pay Cuts Initiative

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA The posting presents an analysis of the pay cuts initiative. The current blog initiates a different posting category, called “the bottom line.” The intent of the new series of postings is, as opposite from industry or company study case research, to analyze one current issue from the standpoint of strategy and innovation. […]

Evidence-Based Research in Product Development

Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM Evidence-based research in product development can help to solve technical issues. Multiple articles describe the benefits of a strategic alliance between a company and an academic or research organization (Dong & McCarthy, 2019; Leischnig & Geigenmüller, 2018). Some industries, such as pharmaceutical and medical, have more significant benefits from […]