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Earned Value in Projects

The current posting contains considerations about defining and collecting earned value concerning fuzzy and usually large tasks. Defining and collecting earned value are essential aspects of project management [1]. Here are two scenarios where this kind of task appears, usually on an extensive program. One might appear in the situation of integrating into the program […]

Lessons Learned About Stakeholder Management

The current post contains a few valuable lessons learned about stakeholder management I came across during my 15 years working as a project and program manager. The palette of particular situations concerning stakeholder management is huge: deciding when and how to share setbacks concerning the project; how to make an effective executive presentation; how to […]

MS Project Custom Dashboard Reports

MS Project Custom Dashboard Reports Dr. George Gafencu, DBA, PMP, DTM Over the years, I implemented several custom MS Project custom dashboard reports, and in other instances MS Office automation scripts. I wrote these macros Microsoft VBA, accumulating data in an Excel spreadsheet, or generating reports. In recent months I got back together with my […]